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SCCA 2022 - Umpiring Seminars and Exams

02/12/2022POSTED BY Kenny Thomas

SCCA 2022 - Umpiring Seminars and Exams

We are in the process of finalizing the umpiring seminars and exams for the 2022 season.

Please forward this to whoever interested and please ask them to reply to me to be included in the umpiring signups. Also let me know if any of the links included are not working.

The current plans are as follows:

Date         Detail                                                         Venue
20-Feb     Online Seminar for New Umpires              Online
27-Feb     In-person Umpiring exams for 2022          TBD

5-Mar       Refresher seminar for certified Umpires   Online

12-Mar     Online Seminar for New Umpires             Online
19-Mar     In-person Umpiring exams for 2022         TBD

The on-line seminars for New Umpires would provide detailed info on the structure and details of the exams.
Attendees are expected to read thru the details and be prepared early, so that the seminars are helpful in your preparation for the in-person exams.

We have planned for two in-person exams before the season starts by the end of March. Once the season starts it would be extremely difficult to organize these and please plan and prepare as needed.

As per SCCA rules, all Teams are required to provide umpires for 5 one-day games and 2 T20 games this season.

All certified umpires (who recertified last year) are required to attend one of the refresher seminars (condensed) or any of the longer seminars for new umpires, before they can umpire this year. Requests for availability and assignments will only be send out to eligible umpires who are certified and attended refresher seminars.

We will be soon setting up and sending out signup forms for these seminars and exams. Please signup as needed and forward this to team members and anyone interested.

The list of current umpires and their levels are available online on the SCCA website at:

Umpiring availability requests would be sent to all eligible umpires during the season, for league games. Umpiring assignments would be sent to those umpires who are available for the week. Umpiring credits are given to all available umpires for week, irrespective of whether they are assigned or not.

Thanks, Kenny
Suggested Reference Materials for Umpiring test:

The Laws of Cricket:

ICC Rules and Regulations:

SCCA Rules and Regulations:

Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring and Scoring:


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