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SCCA Umpiring Exams on Aug 8, RSVP by 7/30 (details below)

07/28/2021POSTED BY Kenny Thomas

SCCA Umpiring Exams on Aug 8, RSVP by 7/30 (details below)

As per SCCA Rules #23 (Umpiring), all Teams are expected to have at least 2 certified umpires. Teams are mandated to provide umpires for at least 5 One Day games and 2 T20 games during a season. This season we are expecting Teams to provide umpires for at least 5 games.

In SCCA 60-70% of umpires are player/umpires from Teams and it is mandatory to get the minimum umpiring mentioned above from Teams to manage the umpiring schedules. 

Please note that, any certified umpires who have not passed the Level 1 exams this year will have their certification expire on 12/31/2021. After 12/31/2021, they will need to pass the Level 1 exams before the next season to umpire again.

If Teams are not providing adequate number of umpiring assignments, they will be fined as per rule #23 at the end of the season. 

SCCA has conducted multiple umpiring seminars over the last 2 years and we had a comprehensive testing schedule for the June 5/6 weekend. Since then there is a request for additional test as some Teams didn't take things seriously and are still short of umpires. To accommodate this, we are planning to conduct one last umpiring exam for this season on Aug 8th at Woodley. This is going to be an in-person Level 1 exam. We will not be able to accommodate any more exams this season.

No electronic devices including mobile phones will be allowed in the exam room.  Bring copy of (digital or paper) CDC issued COVID 9 vaccination card, pen, pencil and calculator.  All candidates may be required to wear mask and follow social distancing protocols. 

We will have a short overview about the process of examination and certification, before the exam. There will not be any detailed umpiring seminar. All interested candidates can prepare for the exams by studying the reference materials  mentioned below.

Level 1 Written Exam:
This exam is intended for:
 1. All candidates who wants to be SCCA Level 1 Certified umpires, and  
 2. Any currently certified umpires who wants to pass and extend their certification

If anyone is interested please RSVP at the link below, at the earliest and no later than 7/30/2021.

RSVP by 7/30/2021, for SCCA Umpiring Exam - August 8, 2021


Suggested Reference Materials:

The Laws of Cricket:

ICC Rules and Regulations:

SCCA Rules and Regulations:

Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring and Scoring:

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