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Holiday Greetings from the Executive Team
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- by SCCA Executives on Saturday, May 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the SCCA Executives and from my family to yours, I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy and Festive Holiday Season leading to a New Year Filled with Hope, Promise, Opportunity, Peace, Joy, but most importantly Good Health and Happiness!

I am grateful for the support and cooperation extended and would like to express my gratitude as a lot of good things happened in 2019.   

All the very best to all the SCCA member clubs, teams and players in 2020.  Once again, my team of executives and I look forward to working closely with each and every one of you to ensure that we all work together to help SCCA reach greater heights!

With a positive attitude and spirited approach, “Ask not what SCCA has done for you in the past but rather what can you do for SCCA going forward to help make it better and grow!”

We will strive to have 20/20 long term vision and clarity for the development of SCCA in 2020 and together we shall achieve it!

Thank You and Warm Regards,

Mihir Gandhi, SCCA President & the Executive Team, 2019-20

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